Defcon ctf Quals 2013 Babysfirst

Posted by Unknown on 19 Jun 2013

Challenge description:

Upon visiting the page given, one's presented with a barebones login page.

login page

This basically screamed SQL injection. Attempting to send a username/password containing a ' didn't immediately give a reaction. Inspecting the network monitor showed a header displaying the query being run, however.

x-sql header

Doing injections along the lines of

' UNION SELECT name FROM users WHERE '' = '

in the password field, allowed us to extract the following users and passwords through the user name displayed:

user: root
pass: barking up the wrong tree

user: user
pass: password

Logging in as either of those didn't give much, however.

Assuming that the key must be found in some other table, we fared a guess that the key may be located in the table keys. This led us to try


which successfully found the key.


The key is: literally online lolling on line WucGesJi